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Beyond Paintings | Tony Buzbee

My love of art goes beyond paintings. I also love the sketches and small bronzes used as models for larger works. With regard to sketches, if you look closely, you can really see the way in which the artist’s mind works as he or she is planning a piece. This is especially interesting when the sketch or sketches are used to paint a larger piece that ultimately becomes well known or famous. The small bronze and sketch pictured here, which sit on a table in my living room, are the work of Auguste Rodin. Both were purchased at a Christie’s auction in New York. Rodin is of course famous for his great work called the The Thinker. He has many more works on display all over the world. It always interests me to trace the history and career of the great artists. For example, Rodin is considered by most critics and historians to be one of the modern sculpture greats. Yet, Rodin was rejected three times and was never allowed admission to École des Beaux-Arts, the preeminent Paris school of art. Next time you feel low, ponder that.

Tony Buzbee is a distinguished attorney in Houston, Texas. While his career keeps him busy, Buzbee is passionate about the arts and is an devoted collector of paintings and sculptures. Check out more of his art blogs or follow him on Twitter!